How old do I have to be, if I want to take PTE Academic?2018-05-23T06:56:09+00:00

You should have attained an age of at least 16. For the applicants below 18 need to submit a parental consent.

What is an ideal IELTS Speaking Score?2018-05-23T06:49:01+00:00

Although the required score for the Universities vary, an applicant must score at least band 6 in the speaking module

What is the calculation criteria of IELTS Speaking score?2018-05-23T06:49:37+00:00

The examiner checks out for:

  • The fluency in the language.
  • Accuracy of the vocabulary you use.
  • Pronunciation of the words
Can I postpone or cancel my IELTS Exam?2018-05-23T06:50:46+00:00

Yes, you can, if the respective test center allows you to.

  • If you do it more than 5 weeks before the exam date, your fee, excluding the administration charge, will be refunded.
  • If you cancel or postpone the test within 5 weeks of the exam, nothing would be refunded, unless you have a medical reason.
  • If you do not attend the exam because of a medical reason and provide the necessary medical certificate within the next five days of exam, your examination fee, in exclusion of the administrative cost, will be paid back to you.
  • If in case you get late because of the reason beyond your control, like a transport strike, the test center may offer you the next available date.
What can I do if I have lost my IELTS Test Report Form2018-05-23T06:51:27+00:00

Test Report Form of the exam once lost or damaged by the applicant, will not be re-issued under any circumstances. The authority does not submit any result report to the migration agents. However, it can forward a TRF to an organization or institution on behalf of the candidate.

How many times one can take IELTS Exam?2018-05-23T06:52:06+00:00

There is no limit on that. You can appear for the IELTS Exam as many times as you desire.

Can I take IELTS Exam if I am not 18?2018-05-23T06:52:55+00:00

Yes, you can take IELTS Exam if you are anything less than 18 and more than 16 but will have to get a Minor Consent Form signed by your parents or legal guardian. You have to bring that form along when appearing for the examination.

How soon can I re-take IELTS Exam?2018-05-23T06:55:05+00:00

The 90-days restriction to take the exam again has been lifted and you can repeat it whenever you desire. For the authority to monitor, you just have mention the number of times you have appeared.