The IELTS test is a popular test for entry to universities and colleges that teach in English.

There were more than two million IELTS tests taken in the past year and there are 9,000 organizations worldwide that accept IELTS results, including more than 3,000 universities and colleges in the USA. In addition, the governments of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand accept IELTS results for student visas and for migration.

Familiarize yourself with the test format:

The first step towards IELTS preparation is to become familiar with the test format. Once you are aware of the test format, you know what to expect in each section making it easier for you to attempt your questions.

IELTS tests you on the four skills of English language i.e. Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. The four sections are explained in detail below:


The listening test will be for 30 minutes and is segregated into 4 sections


The reading test comprises 40 questions, all divided into 3 sections. The time duration for this section is 60 minutes


The writing test will have 3 tasks and will be for 60 minutes


The speaking test consists of 3 parts of 11-14 minutes

Once you are familiar with the IELTS test format, you will need to undertake a number of focused preparation activities.

Practice IELTS:

Nothing can get you a good score if you do not practice. Use the IELTS practice material to get a better idea of the kind of questions that you might experience during your test. The more you practice, the better you become.

Define your IELTS goal and priorities:

Once you start practicing, you will know your strengths and weaknesses. Ensure to practice more on your weaknesses so that you are well prepared by the time you take the test.

Get used to the IELTS testing environment:

Familiarize yourself through mock tests so you are well prepared on your actual test day.

Recommended preparation activities

  • You can download the dictionary and prepare for the test.

  • Examine the IELTS practice test papers and answers.

  • Take practice tests under timed conditions.

  • Practice with the IELTS online preparation resources, available free when you book your test with the British Council or IDP.

  • Buy IELTS self-study books and materials.

When you have an aspiration to immigrate to some other state, IELTS is one of the few exams you will have to take, in order for the authorities to be sure that you can communicate to the people of several other nations without any problems in the language.

Designed by some of the leading linguists, the exam accesses all the four domains; writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills of the candidates who appear for the same. This test holds an excellent reputation and is accepted by over thousands of organizations all across the globe, including; professional bodies, universities, and schools.

IELTS School provides you with the training to make your skills grow to a level through which you can achieve more than enough band in the test to secure a place in your dream job or the university, once you have nurtured the other required skills as well. We start with the step to make you understand the format of the test. We provide sufficient study material to help you understand what to expect on the test day.